Books and Chapters

  • (with David Edery) “Changing the Game: How Videogames are Transforming the Future of Business.” Financial Times/Pearson Press.(2009).
  • (with Kevin Werbach), “Games and the Enterprise” in Steffen P. Walz and Sebastian Deterding (eds.), The Gameful World. MIT Press. (2015)
  • (with Venkat Kuppuswamy) “Crowdfunding: Evidence on the Democratization of Startup Funding” in Revolutionizing Innovation: Users, Communities, and Open Innovation, edited by Karim Lakhani and Dietmar Harhoff (Forthcoming)

Scholarly Papers

Working Papers and Papers Under Review

Research Projects

  • Entrepreneurship and career paths survey (with Matthew Bidwell). Large-scale survey of 30,000 Wharton MBA alumni, examining career paths and entrepreneurship.
  • Motivation in entrepreneurial firms (with Nancy Rothbard). Longitudinal study of individual performance in a fast-growing entrepreneurial organization.
  • Dynamics of crowdfunding.

Invited Conference Presentations

  • West Coast Technology Conference, September, 2014
  • Strategic Management Society, September 2014 (remote presentation)
  • Academy of Management, August, 2014
  • Open and User Innovation Conference, June, 2014
  • Gamification Summit, San Francisco, June, 2014
  • Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EEI) Conference, Kingston Ontario, June 2014
  • NYU Crowdfunding Conference, May, 2014
  • MIT TIES Seminar, March ,2014
  • Stanford University OB Seminar, February, 2014
  • Berkeley Crowdfunding Conference, October 2013
  • HEC Entrepreneurship Conference, October 2013
  • Academy of Management, August 2013
  • Industry Studies Association, May 2013
  • Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference, May 2013
  • BYU-Utah Winter Strategy Conference, March 2013
  • Society of Management, September 2012
  • Academy of Management, August 2012
  • Industry Studies, May, 2012
  • Strategic Management Society, November, 2011
  • Gamification Summit, August, 2011
  • Maryland Entrepreneurship Conference, March 2011
  • American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA  August 2010
  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Montreal, August 2010
  • 8th Annual International Open and User Innovation Conference  Cambridge, MA. August 2010
  • Darden Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference, May 2010
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York Education Policy Seminar, May 2010
  • Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research, Atlanta, GA. November 2008
  • Harvard-MIT Economic Sociology Seminar, Cambridge, MA. September, 2008.
  • American Sociological Association, Boston, MA. August, 2008.
  • Academy of Management, Anaheim, CA. August, 2008.
  • Cambridge-MIT Workshop on Open Innovation, Cambridge, UK. May, 2008.
  • 15th Annual CCC Doctoral Colloquium, Pittsburgh, PA. April, 2008.
  • Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA. August, 2007.
  • Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA. August, 2006.
  • Fourth International Workshop on User Innovation, Technische Universität, Munich. June, 2006.
  • I/ITSEC Conference. December, 2005.
  • Workshop on User Innovation and Open Source Software, University of Munich. June, 2004.