Books and Chapters

Scholarly Papers

  • (with Matthew Bidwell, Shinjae Won, and Roxana Barbulescu) “I Used to Work at Goldman Sachs! Status, Careers, and Competitive Advantage,” Strategic Management Journal (Forthcoming)

Working Papers and Papers Under Review

Research Projects

  • Entrepreneurship and career paths survey (with Matthew Bidwell). Large-scale survey of 30,000 Wharton MBA alumni, examining career paths and entrepreneurship.
  • Motivation in entrepreneurial firms (with Nancy Rothbard). Longitudinal study of individual performance in a fast-growing entrepreneurial organization.
  • Dynamics of crowdfunding.

Invited Conference Presentations

  • Berkeley Crowdfunding Conference, October 2013
  • HEC Entrepreneurship Conference, October 2013
  • Academy of Management, August 2013
  • Industry Studies Association, May 2013
  • Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference, May 2013
  • BYU-Utah Winter Strategy Conference, March 2013
  • Society of Management, September 2012
  • Academy of Management, August 2012
  • Industry Studies, May, 2012
  • Strategic Management Society, November, 2011
  • Gamification Summit, August, 2011
  • Maryland Entrepreneurship Conference, March 2011
  • American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA  August 2010
  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Montreal, August 2010
  • 8th Annual International Open and User Innovation Conference  Cambridge, MA. August 2010
  • Darden Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference, May 2010
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York Education Policy Seminar, May 2010
  • Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research, Atlanta, GA. November 2008
  • Harvard-MIT Economic Sociology Seminar, Cambridge, MA. September, 2008.
  • American Sociological Association, Boston, MA. August, 2008.
  • Academy of Management, Anaheim, CA. August, 2008.
  • Cambridge-MIT Workshop on Open Innovation, Cambridge, UK. May, 2008.
  • 15th Annual CCC Doctoral Colloquium, Pittsburgh, PA. April, 2008.
  • Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA. August, 2007.
  • Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA. August, 2006.
  • Fourth International Workshop on User Innovation, Technische Universität, Munich. June, 2006.
  • I/ITSEC Conference. December, 2005.
  • Workshop on User Innovation and Open Source Software, University of Munich. June, 2004.